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Centuries of cosmetic “savoir-faire” married with
the world’s rarest active ingredients.

 From the very beginning, ar457 has been the expression of a single idea and desire to fuse an ancient beauty secret and cutting-edge cosmetics using the latest discoveries to enhance and refine a natural miracle.

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ar457, Beyond the code

ar for Argan
4 tocopherols, natural antioxidants that prevent the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles.
5 phytosterols that revitalize the skin and regenerate cells
7 biomolecules with healing, filtering, revitalizing, protective and disinfectant properties

A skincare line, used and admired by some of the most discerning beauty professionals and spas worldwide, always pushing the limits of performance further.

The cult of

High concentrations of rare and precious natural active ingredients sourced throughout the world for radiant and sublime skin day after day. Unique fragrances and textures, opening the senses to new horizons.


Cosmetic in a state of freedom

ar457 has strived to design the most natural formulas possible as long as results and comfort are ensured. Being an “intelligent active ingredient”, Argan oil adapts to every skin type, regenerating dry skins and equilibrating greasy ones.


 To obtain an uncomparable quality of Premium virgin Argan oil, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has established a preferential partnership with their Morrocan cooperative. Using a patented ambient temperature fabrication process at their laboratory to preserve the properties of the natural active ingredients and reduce the energy consumption. 

Argan oil at the forefront of ar457’s architecture

An ancient beauty fluid, Argan oil is an unprecedented natural concentrate
whose outstanding virtues are still being discovered even now by scientists worldwide.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and gifted with a high content of linoleic acids (Omega 6), Argan oil corrects the deficiencies in essential fatty acids, crucial to reverse and delay the skin ageing process. It contains an exceptional proportion of tocopherols (E vitamin), known for their antioxidant and anti-free radical virtues, thus playing an important part in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

By actively stimulating the intracellular oxygenation, Argan oil favours the restoration of the hydro-lipid layer and regenerates the skin cells, therefore increasing their nutrients content and the skin’s elasticity; leaving it soft and incomparably radiant.


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