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 ar457 designed by Professionals for Spas

From our inspirations to reality
The Spa industry has known an unprecedented change over the last years; introducing new expectations and requirements for Spa Managers and designers. To meet those central stakes, ar457 unveils a professional range answering the plural needs and constraints of professional care environment.




A « Grand Cru d'Argan »

The world’s rarest oil at its best introduced in the most inspired skincare range obsessed to deliver an efficient and qualitative offer to the market.

The extraction mastery, historical presence in Morocco as well as the human and financial support to the partner Berber women cooperative have participated in reinforcing the oil quality to reach a genuine “Cru d’Argan”.

From Argan oil and beyond, we actively participate in magnifying the offer of our partners worldwide; making it unique and original.



A natural and universal range: innovative formulas born from avant-garde technologies

With a true commitment for results, an average 80% of natural actives fused with cutting-edge ingredients as well as an intensive work on sensorial experience, we have worked to create something truly different from what could be found on the market. Ar457 is born from our ambition to bring something new, a range that would combine glamour and efficiency, adapted to the market’s highest expectations, whilst playing by our own rules.

 Using a unique ambient temperature formulation process, we have melted a high proportion of our Argan oil - heart of every formula - and result-based ingredients to push the limits of cosmetic standards. 

In 2008 and 2009, the launch of |backup| and |ctrl|, our bodycare products targeting stretch marks and slimming concerns, has contributed to reinforce the credibility and respect we had gained from Professionals with our anti-ageing core range.


Original Treatment Menus, easy to adapt and flexible.

After several generations of Protocols exploring the specificities of Oleo Treatments, we have designed the Oleosthetic Concept to propose a very compact and tailor-made treatment method, easy to understand and to work with, and adaptable to very different Spa concepts and environments. The Treatments have been made to offer a wide variety of possibilities. They can become the main Treatment Menu of a Spa or be added to complete an existing one.  Ar457 also co-develops Signature Specific Treatments with some of their partners to totally adapt the offer to an original Spa concept or a specific treatment technique.


A tailored & targeted offer to meet the constraints of a competitive environment.

ar457 prides itself on never compromising on products’  quality, selecting rare and precious ingredients and saturating their concentrations within the formulas. To maximize the potential of the formulas, ar457 has elaborated Specific Treatment Protocols, thus enabling the Professionals to manage their costs and margins. Proposing exceptional skincare & bodycares products at a reasonable price, ar457 provides transparency and competitiveness to their partners.

ar457: the DNA of a skincare range designed to meet the highest expectations.

ar457 creators’ obsession for aesthetics comes from their will to make the brand a must in various environments. Such requirements in terms of design have led to catch the interest and recognition of fashion and design professionals worldwide. This double aspect –efficiency of the formulas and unique design – is a central asset as the range immediately attracts and seduces customers. Indeed, if Spa clients are particularly concerned by the high quality of the products the therapists recommend and apply on them during treatments, they are also sensitive to products with a strong identity and a luxurious appearance similar to what can be found in the most exclusive beauty corners (packaging, dispensers, communication etc.). 

Ar457, Chosen by the very best Spas in the World.

Due to a common philosophy of excellence, quality, and efficacy, ar457 became the partner of the most prestigious and challenging Spas in the world. Thanks to its uniqueness, it remained.
At the Present time and among many others, ar457 is notably present in 3 of the most famous Luxury Hotels in France :

Le spa de l’hôtel Le Bristol, Paris (since 2010),
Le spa de l’hôtel George V, Four Seasons, Paris (since 2004),
Le spa de l’hôtel du Palais, Biarritz (since 2011).


A personalized approach for tailor-made long-lasting partnerships.

As short as it is efficient, natural and result-based, trendy as well as timeless, glamour and universal, ar457 is the image of our ambition to create the best cosmetic product. We owe the success of this genuine range to the passionate beauty professionals who have nourished our constant will to push the limits, go beyond expectations and meet the highest requirements. We have chosen to only place ar457 in prestige environments where the products could be understood and exposed in the most refined way. We have bet on long-lasting meaningful partnerships, real associations between our products and the Spas and beauty stores we have collaborated with - concepts and structures originating into convictions and originality.
Given its many facets and understanding angles (Argan based – universal – high-tech – result-based – natural…), Ar457 is both easy to incorporate in large projects (highly qualitative and reliable features) but also to join and feed human scale ones. We are looking to participate in the creation of new well-being environments and invest existing spaces by mixing our imagination to tailor-made projects; getting a deep understanding of our partners’ values to design original ways to deliver treatments; adjust our image and protocols to their universes (whether preexisting or marginal) without any “sky high” requirements.

A communication partner for your Spa.

 Since its launch (back in 2004), ar457 has benefited from the support of some of the world’s most prestigious Spas which has played a major role in building the brand’s reputation in the Spa industry. Founded on mutual communication and exposure, this working philosophy with our clients has led us to put the “partnership spirit” at the centre of our development.
We promote a highly competitive range, designed to be a performance-driven working tool for beauty professionals; associating our communication to the exclusive places and Spa experts we are working with. 

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